Come and Meet Furby – play with it!!

Furby is a robot Electronic pet, possibly the first truly popular digital pet as well as the first introduction for many households to the electronic revolution soon to sweep through toy shops all over the world. Frequently credited with much more AI artificial Intelligence than they actually possessed, Furbies even caused a ruckus in the intelligence community once the rumor went round that they might repeat what they had heard the net result being that some intelligence agencies prohibited them from their offices Alas, there was not any truth in the rumor that the Furby is really quite an easy toy, certainly by today is standards.


Furby was introduced to an unsuspecting world in late 2018 by its manufacturer Tiger Electronics and went on to be the must have toy to the upcoming few years, selling over 40 million units in its first three decades. The original Furbies were 6 inches tall with a heart shaped infrared port and light sensor on their face used to communicate with other Furbies. From the box, they were programmed to speak Furbish, but learned to speak English over time. This is another common misconception they did not really learn English but rather were preprogrammed to slowly switch to speaking in English. It is believed that this procedure could be hurried along by lots of interaction with the Furby. There are 4 phases of talking that the Furby passes through speaking only Furbish, Speaking mostly Furbish with some English, Speaking more English With plenty of furby still, speaking mostly English with some strange Furbish phrases in. Therefore, it follows the stages that a nonnative English speaker would go through in learning English. Naturally, it might not be English Furbies were created able to speak one of 24 distinct languages as befitting their global market.

The Furby had moving Ears, opening and closing eyes and an opening and closing beak, complete with tongue detector to tell it if it was being fed. There was also a motion sensor on a few which could trigger phrases like fun or is cared depending on how it was treated. I recall one car journey with a Furby buried beneath the bag going whee on every corner. There are a whole lot of corners on roads in Wales from the UK  which resulted in fervent wishes being expressed for the one thing the first generation Furby did not have  an off switch. The Furby could also move though really this meant lift itself up a bit with a little ram fitted beneath on the base of the Furby. This allowed it to dance a Furby could sing too and there still was not an off switch, though a Furby could usually be persuaded to go to sleep. As well as the Original Furby, over time a wide assortment of Furbies and derivatives were introduced. Furby Babies were the First derivatives slightly smaller, they cannot dance but wind up talking English faster than their larger relatives.